Thursday, January 15, 2009

Sketch-a-Day No.9 A is for Acorns & Albinos & Argyle

So.. I'm going to do the alphabet for the next 20 something days. I hope to steer away from the mundane baloney you ordinarily see and try do some fun images. As it's still early in the eve , I just might jump on another idea for letter A.

Great stuff from the group so far and if I knew why my comments weren't showing up on your sketches I would leave more! I'll figure it out-

I snuck in another sketch. The albino in argyle. My wife said it looked like my daughter's friend Amy so, fair enough: Amy the albino in argyle-


Bradford Rigby (EyeSeaThings) said...

Hi there Dave Groff! Love the sketch. I just got done doing an illustrated alphabet for a magnet company. What a bore, but it paid! Something they had me do that might be fun for you is for each vowel I did one illustration for the long vowel and one for the short ie, Apple and Ace.

Justin Rose said...

I really dig the albino girl with the design around the eyes. Nice!

Dave Groff said...

Justin I've tried to leave comments on your work and the words disappear when I hit the leave comment button for some reason- all the same, until I figure out what's wrong keep up the good work man.

JRig are you on board with us? Great!

Mike Puncekar said...

Digging the acorn character. He'd be really fun to paint. Also, wondering if you have gotten any of my e-mails. Been having e-mail trouble lately.

Grant Gilliland said...

Two? Man, you're killing it...

I'd love to trade a sketch should consider it!