Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Sketch Day 14 G = Gomer Pyle

So, after seeing yesterday's french poodle drawing my wife thinks I've lost my mind. Hey, I just draw it and float it out there.

Today it's Gomer Pyle USMC.

I've been trying to make myself stay away from using alot of hard reference just because I need/like the whole "concept" challenge. This was different. I had a great photo of Jim Nabors so I went for it.Not sure it's 100% what I wanted but...that's OK.
also, did you know Gomer has.......freckles? Shazam!

Lotsa luck to you and yours.


Josholland said...

See, when people think you've lost your mind, you're probably doing something right... Well as an artist anyway. Doesn't really apply to like bus drivers or firemen per se. Awesome stuff Dave, your dailys are really inspiring stuff!

KMcGstudio said...

Smooth Gomer...Nice work! Love his expression!

Grant Gilliland said...


That's quite a's the same one I make when I wake up and realize that it's almost noon. But, um... doesn't happen everyday.



Lunchbox said...

Well GAH-LY!
Spot on, sir.
It is inspiring.
You watchin' late night TV Land or PAX?

Thom Glick said...

Wow! Sketch-A-Day Challenge isn't really a competition, but you schooled everyone just the same. Great piece. I love the text, too.

Mike Puncekar said...

Two in a row I'm really, really liking. Also liking the "Go-me" the text kind of forms at first because of that offset. Makes me want to watch some Andy Griffith Show pretty badly.

Justin Rose said...

I'm mesmerized by this.

Dave Groff said...

thanks !
anyone with a babe like Lou Ann Poovie needs to be drawn.

Shannon Bonatakis said...

i initially wanted to say that the inside of the mouth on this is just perfect. then i realized, so are the eyes, the nose, the hair, the freckles.... which i guess means this whole drawing is flawless. seriously awesome. i can't pull my eyes away from the mouth though - i love it!

Dave Crosland said...

Damn, this is lovely! And it totally takes me back to watching Andy Griffith and Gomer Pile with my mom, way back when.