Thursday, January 22, 2009

Sketch Day 15 H= Harpy

Driving to CCAD this morning at around 6:50.....I was thinking about today's classes and of course that this very day was "H" day.
After mulling over a variety of ideas during the afternoon I boiled my choices down to Harpy, Hamster and Hunchback.
Because I've never drawn a hellcat chick from Greek mythology with wings and talons, Harpy became the logical choice.
Feathers are ruuuff drawing.

The Hamster came calling late. No really,
this guy showed up at 11PM on my doorstep and demanded that I draw him.
I couldn't help but notice he was driving a black 78'Camaro SS . I could hear Ratt blaring from his 8 track player.He reeked of Old English cologne.
I wasn't about to argue with him. "But he's just a hamster" you say.

Yeah... you tell him that.


1 comment:

Jack C. Gregory said...

I like characters with eye patches. They obviously have a great story to share.