Saturday, January 24, 2009

Sketch Day 17 J = Jam Session

Recently I happened to be in a small town music store -I was looking for a Fender tube amp for my son and was hoping to maybe stumble across one that someone might think was nothing special and sell it for real cheap (no such luck..)

In the course of my looking around I couldn't help but notice that my salesman had that classic rocker vibe to him. One of those guys that you weren't quite sure how old they were,someone who knew everything, about every rock band before 75'. I think music died for him shortly thereafter.
As we talked amps and guitars, he proceeded to tell me he was already late for tonight's Jam session. He was probably going to hear it from the rest of the boys.

He went on to tell me how at one time he himself almost made it big in the music business but the drummer got married and their singer went on to college.... I heard about how he knew someone who knew Hendrix, how he owned half of a drumstick from Clapton's drummer. Showed me an original newspaper article about Woodstock.....on and on he went. I loved it .

One can only imagine how many of these guys there are in every small town everywhere.

Hope he made to the jam.


KMcGstudio said...

Being in San Fran we pasted the Haite district where all the old hippies used to go for free music, free love and free least that's what the bus tour told us? That hat is rockin' I also love the facial expression. This is a great one!

Lunchbox said...

I've met that guy a million times over.
You got him!