Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Sketch Day 20 M= Mini Mermaid and Misc.

well if you combine the MSG from my General Tso's chicken with waiting for a client's feedback all afternoon you get today's nutty ramblings.

The lady's heads all represent a face that I thought matched an "M" name. So you've
got Myrtle, Mitzi and Mavis. Can you tell who's who? The quotes are just random baloney that came out.

Oh yeah, there's the mermaid ...been swimming in the tea cups again.


MyaK said...

I love the mermaid cup. It looks like so much fun. I want to be a mermaid in a cup with fish jumping everywhere!

Lunchbox said...

Oh, for the love of beans!
Dad took us to Bob Evans and told us to get anything we wanted off the Golden Buckeye menu. He wants to know if you have that card yet.

Love the Mermaid and the old broad drinking the mermaid looks JUST like my ex's mom.

Dave Groff said...

I wish. BDay props to your special lady.

Angie Andrews said...

that last one is pretty hilarious.