Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sketch Day No.11 D= Dress (or daredevil..)

I had a great word for my letter "D" today ...daredevil.
Had all kinds of cool little image nuggets floating around but when it came time to actually sit and sketch something, nothing really materialized except...dress.

So be it.

Maybe she's a daredevil?


Thom Glick said...

Even though it's pretty sketchy, all the drapery fabric-ee-ness is awesome, especially the front sleeve and skirt. Great marks!

What were some of the daredevil ideas? I'm intrigued.

Justin Rose said...

Nice! It seems to have a little bit of a Disney quality to it.

Lunchbox said...

Yeah, it's definitely buzzing Disney. I thought that immediately. I like it. But something tells me I'd have rather seen a daredevil.

Dave Groff said...

I sat down late last night and the daredevil still wasn't happenin'.So, I did put a sticky note up on the board to remind me to hit it again later.