Monday, January 19, 2009

Sketch Day 12 E = Ed & elevate

well a two'fer for this evening's sketch.
First my bro-in-law Ed who hates having his picture taken,
and the word "elevate". Must be some magical doo-doo he's got in that bag.


Mike Puncekar said...

I think the pictures are reversed to the description. I figured it out after realizing the first picture wasn't Ed elevating. Maybe "picture drawin' school" hasn't taken my last brain cell yet.

And I must say, as awesome as these are, the direct eye contact from the floating man... makes me a bit uneasy. He's giving that... "Hey babe, check me floating." look.

Mike Innes said...

Good lord Dave, you think you could spread that talent of yours around, instead of hogging it all to yourself? : )

Lunchbox said...

For real, Mike Innes.
These are badass.
I'm thinking of your F word and it is...

Grant Gilliland said...


Dave Groff said...


Foghat (check) on the list for favorite singers.