Sunday, March 8, 2009

Sketch Day 59 Pigs & The Beanstalk

Make up day!
First off,
Everyone knows that Jack was able to chop down the giant beanstalk causing the great giant to fall to his death.Hurray!
Well after all the vacationers came and went, after all the "dead giant" tchotchkes were sold in all the souvenir shops, Jack abruptly skirted out of town telling no one where he was going and leaving what remained of the great giant for the locals to deal with..
His mother believes it was all due to the magic bean pyramid scheme he got caught up in.

Next we have the 3 Little Pigs who are obviously feeling a bit relieved due to the demise of their nemesis Mr. Wolf....he does make a pretty snappy looking rug.

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Jack C. Gregory said...

I like both of these a lot.