Sunday, March 1, 2009

Sketch Day 54 Surveilance

something always fascinating about birdhouses. Little birds in their own little cribs probably watching the A-Team reruns, or Taxi or somethin'..eating ham salad sandwiches...what a life.

I was going to start a new series on famous Blues singers but !... if anyone has anything else to suggest for a good sketch topic I'm up for it!


Thom Glick said...

We're working on the 'Battle' theme... sorry we haven't gotten it done, yet.

Blues singers are cool. Here's some topics I've been thinking about:

1. Tarot cards (started today)
2. playing cards
3. around the world (maybe characters for a ton of different countries)
4. sports
5. focus on costume through the ages/geography (middle ages, biblical, tribes people, America in the 20's, 60's, cowboys, etc)
6. series of old west icons (Billy the Kid, Buffalo Bill, other guys named Bill, etc)


BTW, I love the birdhouse sketch!

Dave Groff said...

thanks Thom- food for thought for sure...

Lunchbox said...

Faboo stuff. Gosh, I hope it's a really super ep of the A-Team. Like the one where BA drinks milk when everyone else enjoys beer or champagne and then Hannibal says,"I love it when a plan comes together."

Here's a topic... hobos.
Or... NASCAR fans.
Famous Kennys (Loggins, Chesney, Rogers, etc.)
Bobs would be an easier list.
Adolfs would be incredibly short.
Try lawn ornaments.
Or toys you miss from your youth.
Soccer superstars.
I still think you need to do the starlets list you talked about at lunch or the favorite singers (not limited to blues).

s.prescott said...

I think I will pilfer these ideas and call them my own!

Angie Andrews said...