Sunday, February 15, 2009

Sketch Day 40 Boys : Stewy Mckissick

Mistah Kizzick
He's got the market cornered on nursing home apple juice.

Last CCAD dude for now, on to new pasture tomorrow!


Thom Glick said...

He looks heartwarming there, like he isn't about to mercilessly (but constructively) tear into some unsuspecting student's project.

Holland put it in my head that maybe we should toss a 'battle' in here every now and again... like maybe a theme for the week or them for the day... have everyone submit their best solution to that theme and some how some one is declared the winner. Up for a sketch battle?

Dave Groff said...

yeah ya know I was thinking the same thing but I didn't really think "battle" per se' as picking a winner but hey, it's cool with me.I'm in.

Lunchbox said...

We can get someone like Stew here to pick the champion.

I must say that he does look too sweet here. But he is losing his tooth. I watched him pass over far too many opportunities to open up on a student.

Andy Stattmiller said...

Oh, you guys are getting too competitive. Can't we all just get along. said...

F$&k That! I wanna see BLOOD!!! Noc Su Kao Noc Su Kao(Van Dam...Kick Boxer. No?) Dave you are nailing the S^&T out of these caricatures! Killer!!!..........turrets.