Saturday, February 7, 2009

Sketch Day 32 X = Xanadu, Xenophobic

well .. what I first thought was a letter with some fab potential ,smolders now in a large pile of sketch fail.
"Xenophobic" a cool word meaning "the fear of the strange or unusual" was a home run word. But, after many thumbnail ideas I realized I had nothing, so I went with "Xanadu" and started to create some creepy story about the "Magic Owls of Xanadu" and then... noticed that the owl looked more like something Aunt Elaine would have hung on her kitchen wall back in the day.
So, I just decided to draw Uncle Larry & Aunt Elaine and a friendly firecracker - to blow all this mess up with.

Ok ,a few winks a bowl of soup and some Warren Zevon gave birth to the Wereowl of Xanadu. this is what happens to you if you listen to too much Olivia Newton John. (thanks Jack ; )


Jack C. Gregory said...

Of course, you could have sketched Olivia Newton John from the movie Xanadu. :)

Thom Glick said...

Vlad was here! Most excellent.

Had a chat with Tim Bowers today. Mostly chatted about what a genius you are.

This piece totally made my day.

Lunchbox said...


I've been cracking up at Thom's series. Glad to see you tip the hat.

Good work listening to Zevon. Always helps me squeegee my third eye.

Jack C. Gregory said...

I love the wereowl. Awesome.

KMcGstudio said...

The art sculpture in the back is classic too...LOL!