Thursday, February 12, 2009

Sketch Day 37 Boys - Turff

Steve McInturff, illustrator and vice mayor of VolleyBall, Springfield, Ohio.


Jack C. Gregory said...

I think I was looking forward to this one the most. Killer sketch.

Lunchbox said...
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Thom Glick said...

What's Lunchbox doing?

These portraits are great. Next step should be to put them on t-shirts and sell them to the students. How awesome would it be to see crowds of McInturff t-shirts wandering the halls? Or Tardino t-shirts!

Angie Andrews said...

I believe "stop Mac-ing on my Turff" was a phrase I have heard thrown around.

Dave Groff said...

I forgot that AA!

s.prescott said...

These are great. Is Stew McKissick next?

'turff said...

I do strike a rather devilish, handsome don't I.

...and yes... there is the
"stop mcin on my turff" club
...and "I"...I am the
supreme high potentate!