Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sketch Day 33 Y= Yodelling Yak

Isaac thought the beast was only a myth . That is until he caught one.
Now the Yodelling Yak was his beloved prize possession.
Never mind that his wife left him over it and the neighbors had reported
the "noise" to the police numerous times.
To Isaac it sounded like the voices of angels.


Lunchbox said...

Those are Dairy Queen mouths, man!
...from the commercials.
You know the ones?

Anyway, you're almost out of alphabet hell.
One more day.

Kira said...

haha! this is hillarious. i love it.

KMcGstudio said...

Yodal-ya-hee-hoo! Good one.

MyaK said...

I wonder what a Yodeling Yak sounds like?