Friday, July 16, 2010

Guilty Indulgence

Well I freely admit that I am a fan of American Pickers, I have only watched Pawn Stars off and on. It's during those "on" times I began to appreciate what really great characters each of these Pawn guys are. The old man with his hound dog jowls and half closed eyes, Rick with the cynical laugh and the tat twins Corey and Chumlee. So with a little free time I had this afternoon, I busted out the sketchbook and gave 2 of them a whirl.


Alex Lyon said...

Nice likeness! It's ok Groff I watch it too haha. This and american Pickers seems to be all I'v been watching when I'm working.

Lunchbox said...

Pickers is better only because it's not scripted. At least most of it isn't. Pawn Stars is goofy fun, though. I've only watched a handful of them. Those are spot on likenesses.

I want to see the Picker boys on GROFFSTUFF. Do it!