Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Chicken scratch

Whenever my buddy from high school calls me, we seem to end up having rather long winded conversations about work, the Cavs and Browns and when can he get me some free tickets to watch LeBron and company...and it also gives me some sit and draw time. So, that's what today's effort is the result of. And still, no free tickets!


Jack C. Gregory said...

I did not know you were such a Cavs fan. You might wanna hook up your buddy with those tickets because, if the rumors are true, the only time you're gonna see Lebron in Quicken Loans Arena after this season is when the Knicks are visiting.

Bernadette said...

i thought you were going to say long winded conversations about chickens

PhiL said...

didnt realize you had a blog mr groff. awesome!