Friday, May 29, 2009

Sketch Day 95 Back on the Saddle

Well after 3 weeks of solid "work" work I can finally breathe a little easier and get back to my blog.Some monster action for today's sketch. I need to begin thinking about a new series....I've got a few ideas so we'll see.
The painting of Russian hat girl is finished and I'll scan it soon and put up some pics-


Jack C. Gregory said...

I'd be down with seeing a monster series.

Josholland said...

can't wait to see the painting. i'd also love to see a kaiju series by dave groff.

Dave Groff said...

love it.., a kaiju series it is!

Dave Crosland said...

Oh, Kaiju! Does this mean we'll be seeing some UltraMan soon?

Nice to see your sketches, again, Groff. I haven't checked your blog in a bit... LOVELY work. You've got such a nice, natural style. And the storytelling just seems inherent, even when it's just a character standing in a blank field. Rock on.