Thursday, December 18, 2008

It has begun...... December 08'

So this blog is finally started!

I intend to post some of the sketch work and final art I'm doing for myself, for personal paintings , experiments and my normal project work. Enjoy, and comments are always welcome!

First up is a piece I sketched about a year ago and is almost complete. What you see now is the sketch and the piece about 50% complete. It's all acrylic and is about 19 x 22 . I'll put the final up in the next couple o' days.


Alex Lyon said...

Haha I really need to get a print of this....for my private collection. Than one day i will actually have money to frame them all.

I am loving the monsters in the back, And the tiger skin was a nice addition. Although I do think I am gonna miss those lights hanging above her head, that's not a big deal. I think i am a bigger fan of the face on the girl in the sketch. The eyes are perfect. This is all of course is all being said at 50% complete, so ill have to jump back on here in a week or so and see how its coming.

Lunchbox said...


Julia will be SO excited!!